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Joint statement following Biannual Spectrum Planning meeting on Friday, October 09, 2015, between FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler and Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Communications and Information and NTIA Administrator Lawrence E. Strickling
October 09, 2015

“The Assistant Secretary and the Chairman met and discussed a range of issues including the FCC and NTIA’s progress in meeting President Obama’s goal of making 500 megahertz of additional spectrum available for wireless broadband by 2020. They noted that they are nearly half way to meeting the President’s target and agreed that identifying the remaining parts of 500 megahertz before the end of the Administration remains a high priority. In addition, they also affirmed their commitment to pursue expanded spectrum sharing between federal and nonfederal users to help reach and exceed this goal and, more broadly, to open up spectrum access opportunities for all users.”

RLEC Associations File Documents Related to A-CAM
On October 2, ITTA, WTA, NTCA and US Telecom submitted two letters to the FCC. The first detailed the consensus between the four organizations regarding how to distribute CAF reserves among carriers who opt for model-based support and basic build-out milestones. The second discussed, in detail, the build-out requirements for companies that opt for model-based […]

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The Idaho Telecom Alliance's mission is to support the advancement of its members, to collectively share ideas and to promote services to rural telecom subscribers throughout Idaho.

The Idaho Telecom Alliance (ITA), formerly the Idaho Telephone Association, was formed in 1984 as the voice of rural telephone providers throughout the state of Idaho.  In 2008, the Idaho Telephone Association changed its name to the Idaho Telecom Alliance to reflect not only the advances in the telecommunications industry but also the spirit of teamwork and collaboration that exists between the members.  The ITA is the leading advocacy group for independent telecommunications companies in Idaho.

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