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Continuing the Broadband Dialogue with States
Lynn Chadwick and Brian Gibbons, Senior Communications Policy Specialists
April 29, 2016

This week, broadband leaders from across the country convened at the Schools, Health and Libraries Broadband Coalition’s annual conference to discuss key broadband policy issues important to communities and community anchor institutions such as schools, hospitals and libraries. NTIA had the opportunity to participate in several sessions at the conference to discuss our continued efforts to implement Obama Administration initiatives aimed at promoting broadband access, adoption and digital inclusion.

We also had the chance to meet with about two dozen officials from 15 states who work on broadband initiatives. The meeting was part of our efforts to keep an ongoing dialogue with state broadband leaders to sustain their peer network as a valuable vehicle for knowledge sharing.

Many of these state officials helped run programs that received funding through NTIA’s State Broadband Initiative (SBI). The SBI grants provided funding to each state, territory and the District of Columbia to collect the broadband availability data that helped power the National Broadband Map. In addition, SBI grantees used some of the funding to identify and address obstacles to broadband deployment and adoption in their states or territories.

While the SBI grant program is finished, 41 of the 56 states and territories that received SBI funding are continuing their state broadband programs in some fashion using their own funds. Several states continue collecting data for their own broadband maps, including Minnesota, Wisconsin, Virginia and Utah.

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WTA and Nex-Tech Talk Retransmission Consent and Broadband Privacy with FCC
On April 21, 2016, WTA staff and Nex-Tech CEO Jimmy Todd met with FCC staff to discuss ongoing proceedings regarding retransmission consent negotiations and broadband privacy from the perspective of small rural MVPDs and broadband providers.  Points of discussion included increasing cost of video programming and frequency of demands for carriage of non-broadcast networks as a condition […]

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