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WTA Files Comments for FCC’s Annual Video Competition Report
On October 10th, WTA filed Comments in the FCC Media Bureau’s Annual Video Competition Report proceeding. WTA expressed its concern that small MVPDs’ inability to acquire programming at reasonable prices has made offering video services a losing proposition where companies either lose money, or at best, break even. WTA asserted that without substantial policy changes, more […]
WTA Responds to FCC’s Review of Form 477 Data Collection Process
On October 10, WTA filed comments in response to the FCC’s FNPRM examining its FCC Form 477 data collection process. WTA supports moving to an annual reporting requirement instead of the current semi-annual requirement. However, WTA opposes the contemplated change that would make public on a national level the number of each filer’s subscribers at each reported […]
WTA Meets With FCC Staff to Discuss Shifting USF Funds to Treasury and USF Budget Review
On September 28, representatives from WTA met with staff from the offices of Chairman Pai and Commissioner Clyburn. In both meetings, WTA expressed its concern about the lack of transparency associated with the shifting of USF funds to the U.S. Treasury and the risks associated with putting USF funds in the U.S. Treasury along with general […]
WTA Visits Staff for New FCC Commissioners
On September 12th, WTA Staff met with legal advisors for new FCC Commissioners Jessica Rosenworcel and Brendan Carr. In meetings with Wireline advisors Travis Litman (Rosenworcel) and Nathan Eagan (Carr), WTA Staff asserted that the Universal Service Fund High Cost Program should be fully funded and warned against a proposed transitioning of USF monies from […]
WTA Elects New Officers and Directors
HELENA, MT – (SEPTEMBER 27, 2017) – WTA – Advocates for Rural Broadband is pleased to announce the election of its new officers for the coming two years: Jerry Piper, COO of Cambridge Telephone Company in Cambridge, ID as President; David Shipley, COO of USConnect, in Colorado City, CO as Vice President; Brad Veis, Director […]
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