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WTA Files Comments on Number Portability
On December 27, WTA filed comments with the FCC in response to its NPRM and NOI on nationwide number portability. WTA proposes that, if the Commission determines to proceed toward nationwide number portability at this time, it do so in discrete steps. WTA recommends the Commission start with the wireless sector, which has developed effective […]
WTA and NTCA File Suggested List of Expenses Ineligible for Recovery
On December 20, WTA and NTCA sent a letter to the FCC outlining their desire for accountability given the limited resources available, the various existing accountability measures in place to ensure USF dollars are spent for their intended purpose, and a list of expenses that shall not be eligible for recovery via regulated interstate rates, Connect […]
WTA Files Comments on Network Performance Testing
On December 6, WTA filed comments with the FCC after reviewing a broadband performance testing template submitted by USTelecom.  WTA’s comments state that, while it “takes no position regarding the suitability of the template for price carriers, critical differences between RLECs and price cap carriers render the template inequitable and inappropriate as a vehicle for […]
WTA Files Comments in Support of NTCA’s Lifeline Petition
On November 27th, WTA filed comments in support of NTCA’s petition to temporarily waive the Commission’s new minimum service standards for the Lifeline program. WTA agreed with NTCA’s assessment that the newly increased 15/2 mbps standard will result in increased costs for Lifeline customers, reversing previous broadband adoptions gains and running counter to the goals of the Lifeline […]
WTA and NTCA File Reply Comments on ICC Reform
On November 20, NTCA and WTA filed joint reply comments in response to the FCC’s proceeding refreshing the record on intercarrier compensation (ICC) reform. The two associations filed original comments on October 27. In their comments, the associations “demonstrate why ICC reform cannot be effectuated while high-cost support mechanisms remain insufficient to enable fulfillment of […]
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